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Avoid Damage To The Contents In Your Storage Unit, by The Storage Place in Meridian Idaho

Wow!  The sun is shining and it almost feels like spring, but as Idahoans living in the Treasure Valley we all know that can change at a moment's notice.  With that in mind, spring is just around the corner and that usually means a few more rain showers headed our way. The heating and cooling of our weather can shrink and expand the materials used to construct our storage units and that can have an effect on our buildings.  Here at The Storage Place in Meridian we recommend that after a rain storm you come and check your units to make sure that none of the seals on the roof have moved or popped off causing a leak.  The only way for us to know there is a leak or a problem is if you check your unit and inform us.  It doesn't happen often but better to be a little safe than a whole lot sorry. 

We are seeing a lot of new clients renting units to stage their homes so that they can list them to sale.  If you are storing any appliances that have a water connection, such as washers, dishwashers or refrigerators, make sure you drain all water from them.  It doesn’t take much for the freezing water to expand and break water lines or valves of the appliances.

 You never know when temperature might drop below freezing in the spring.  I know your thinking, “Oh, it's only going to be stored for a short time.  It will be okay."  The spring weather in Idaho is not something you want to out-guess because it usually comes back to bite you.  It will be worth taking the extra time to drain the water to avoid any damage to your property.  If you need help there are a couple of real good websites to help you with instructions to complete this process.

 www.metafilter.com / www.ehow.com 

Have a great day.

The Storage Place in Meridian